Tuesday, June 28, 2016

MWA Episode #96 - Weekend With Wood, Part II

Weekend with Wood 2016 came to a close with another day and a half of wonderful classes. In addition to the lectures, Saturday night featured a Free Little Library group build which was an absolute blast to participate in. While ours may have been the 2nd Library finished, at least it has the best sticker.

On day two of the conference, +Sean Wisniewski interviewed Hunter, and attendee from California. On day three, I interviewed Tom McLaughlin & Terry Moore, both expert furniture makers from New Hampshire.

For the full photo album, click here.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

MWA Episode #95 - Weekend With Wood, Part I

Weekend with Wood finally arrived. After much anticipation, +Sean Wisniewski and I shuffled off to Des Moines. On the first day, we had a blast hanging out with the Wood Magazine Staff, the Instructors and most of all, the other attendees.

Here is our first day's recording. Enjoy.

Here some selected photos from the first day. You can see them all here.