Sunday, August 28, 2016

MWA Episode #101 - Ally Shore

What’s in the shop?
  • Dyami
    • The Cross and rooster are done.

  • Sean
    • Planning the extension.
  • Ally
    • Theater 60’s bar

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Sean Wisniewski

Dyami Plotke

Modern Woodworkers Association

Saturday, August 20, 2016

MWA Episode 100 - Self Indulgent Celebration

I should have notes for this, but what can I say . . . I was just having fun with my friends.

The MWA and WIA are about friends (& apparently Tommy Mac).
For the 100th episode of the Modern Woodworkers Association podcast, +Sean Wisniewski and I bring former co-hosts +Tom Iovino and +Christopher Adkins on. We shoot the shit, talk about woodworking and what we've all been up to.

For long time listeners, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

For anyone who's new and doesn't know Tom or Chris, you should they're awesome. Also, we'll be back to our regular format for episode 101 with Ally Shore. Then we're on to two (2) Woodworking In America interviews followed by Woodworking in America 2016 itself. If you're going, please come hang out.

Sean Wisniewski

Dyami Plotke

Modern Woodworkers Association

Woodworking in America 2016 WoodTalk/MWA Meetup

Popular Woodworking in America 2016 (WIA16) is almost upon us. As we get ready for the seminal woodworking conference, we've teamed up with +Marc Spagnuolo+Matthew Cremona and +Shannon Rogers of +Wood Talk to setup an opening night meetup at Moerlein Lager House in Cincinnati.

The MWA meetup on opening night of WIA15.
If you've every attended a meetup at WIA, you'll already know how enjoyable an evening of food and drink with fellow woodworkers can be. If you've not yet attended a WIA meetup, or a WIA at all for that matter, you've been missing a wonderful time. Please come join us at Moerlein Lager House on Thursday, 9/15 after WIA registration. Everyone is welcome. We'll be having a much fun as you can without a table saw.

The event is at:
Christian Moerlein Brewing Co.
1621 Moore St.
Cincinnatti, OH 45202

Well be starting at 5:00 pm. It will officially go until 8:00 pm, but keep any eye on social media, as I'm sure that things will continue after, either at Moerlein or elsewhere.

You can see the event detail in Google+ and Facebook

We'll see you in Cincinnati.

Sean Wisniewski

Dyami Plotke

Modern Woodworkers Association