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  1. I have enjoyed MWA since the first day we met at Highland in Atlanta.

  2. Hi! I do not have a website, nor do I Tweet. However I have a deep passion for woodworking and furniture making for the last 26 years. Unfortunately my health went south about a year ago and I'm yearning for mental stimulation and comradery. I still have hopes of healing and returning to my shop. Most of the work I produce is given away to Family, Friends and what not. It's amazing how little of my work I have in my home lol. Would love the opportunity to join this amazing association. Thank you for your consideration!

    Frank Kesselring
    Indiana County, Pennsylvania

  3. Thanks for the comment Frank. You are more then welcome to join us, you don't need a blog or twitter for that! Just sign up and your in. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

  4. Just looking for some woodworking frends

  5. Just another woodworker who is looking great tips from other woodworkers. I found your podcast on itunes after I listened to Fine Woodworking's Shop talk Live podcast. Great to listen to. I like the good humor and the friendly banter that goes on during the podcast. A fan and will be listening.

    Greg Martin
    Corinth, NY

    1. Thanks, Greg. It's members like you who help us be the group we are. We appreciate it.