Tuesday, July 28, 2015

MWA Podcast Episode #77 - C.C. Boyce

What’s in the shop?
    • The Bathroom Box is Done
    • The Window Seat has Begun
    • The Desk Closure is underway
    • Met with Marc
    • Saw the swim ribbon rack he made in use
    • No work on the front coffee table yet
    • Getting ready for NY Now 8-15, 8-18
      • In the handmade section
      • will premiere a line of tables in Walnut and Ash
      • Making hard walls for the booth

Monday, July 20, 2015

MWA Episode #76 - 10 Questions

What’s in the shop?
  • Dyami
    • Dave’s Trophy is done
    • upload_-1
    • Tim’s closure
    • My wee shop vac
  • Tom
    • Cotterman
    • DSC00831.jpg

Blog post that piqued our interest

5 Questions
  • How did you get into woodworking?
    • Tom - Hung out with the wrong crowd. Tom’s Dad build stuff and was good at it. Tom met Norm in college.
    • Dyami - Dad is handy. Learned around the house, rebuilding a 100 year old colonial. Became consumed by Woodworking by reading while shopless.
  • What’s your favorite tool?
    • Tom - Table Saw
    • Dyami - Band Saw
  • Who has influenced you the most?
    • Tom - Gail O’Rourke, back in the woodworking.org days. When computers were in black and white
    • Dyami - Dad
  • What was your biggest stumbling block?
    • Tom - Motivation
    • Dyami - Time - But not how you may think
  • How has the internet influenced your work?
    • Tom - has learned to do more
    • Dyami - the community

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