Thursday, January 31, 2013

Highland Woodworking Winter Open House and Lie-Nielsen Event

Highland Woodworking will be having their Winter Open House and Lie-Nielsen Event this weekend, Feb. 1-2.  The event goes from 10am to 6pm on Friday and 10am to 5pm on Saturday.  If you are near the Atlanta area I really encourage you to try and make it out.  Highland is a great store to visit even without and event going on.  Lie-Nielsen will have their staff on hand to demonstrate and let you have some hands on with their wonderful tools. 

Also, at this event will be Chris Schwarz giving demonstrations of hand tool skills and Michel Auriou the maker of Auriou Rasps demonstrating the process of making the custom rasps. 

The MWA is planning on meeting at 10am on Sat for the event and will do lunch around 11:30 or 12 at one of the local restaurants.  It should be a great turnout so I hope anyone in the area will stop by and enjoy the event and join up with us.  Be sure and say hello if you do come out as it's always nice to meet members and readers in person.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gary's Going Back To Brooklyn

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Gary Rogowski of the Northwest Woodworking Studio at a Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event.

Gary's coming back to Brooklyn and he asked us to share the lecture info. Since he was great to talk with at the Lie-Nielsen show, I suspect his lecture will be great too.
Here are his details on the event: 
Rough to Finished: Lectures with Gary Rogowski at Makeville Studio, 119 8th St, Unit 208, Brooklyn, New York.  Saturday, January 26th from 10AM to 4PM.  
Makeville Studio presents a day of lectures with Gary Rogowski of The Northwest Woodworking Studio, A School for Woodworkers in Portland, Oregon and Roger Benton and David Alexander Yepez of the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event staff.  
Come to Makeville to hear 3 lectures on sharpening, hand planes, and finishing. These lectures will give you practical information for sharpening and tuning your hand planes to prep wood. Given by David Yepez and Roger Benton, on the staff for Lie-Nielsen’s Hand Tool Events, these guys travel the East Coast helping dozens of Lie-Nielsen customers better understand the mysteries of sharpening, hand plane choices, and hand plane use. 
In the afternoon, noted author, designer and maker, Gary Rogowski of The Northwest Woodworking Studio, will give his great lecture on hand applied finishes: 3 Simple Finishes.  
Please join us for a Saturday of great information, good fun, and the joys of learning and sharing knowledge. It’s sure to be great fun and you’ll learn a ton of useful stuff.  
SPECIAL OFFER: Bring your card scraper in for a free sharpening. No charge, no baloney, just a sharpened card scraper that will work! 
$100 for 3 Simple Finishes Lecture only$160 for all 3 lectures$175 for all 3 lectures and a catered lunch
More info on the event can be found at here.

If you're around Brooklyn on January 26th, have fun and say hello to Gary for us.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Get Woodworking Week 2013

Last year, it was just a simple idea. With shop classes taken out of schools and the profusion of uber-cheap particleboard furniture designed to be tossed in a few years, the number of woodworkers out there is shrinking. Why not hold an event that encourages potential woodworkers to get off their butts and take the leap?

That’s exactly what we did last February during Get Woodworking Week. During this weeklong event in 2012, nearly 50 articles were written by woodworking bloggers around the country -  and the world. And, it was awesome.

Get Woodworking Week 2013

Well, this year, we’re doing it again. Get Woodworking Week is scheduled for February 3 – 9, and I am looking forward to this. This year, I am  looking forward to the articles on woodworking blogs. I am looking forward to getting additional promotional support from some big names in woodworking. I am looking forward to trying to line up a few goodies for budding woodworkers to win so they can help develop their skills.

And, most importantly, I am looking forward to nudging a few people who may be sitting on the fence to try their hand at our interesting, ever challenging and totally rewarding craft. After all, if we don’t reach out to future woodworkers, who will?

Stay tuned as we get ready to get this event underway!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Editor is Dead, Long Live the Editor

Good friend of the +Modern Woodworkers Association+Matthew Teague, announced he was leaving the Editor's desk at Popular Woodworking Magazine on December 18, 2012.  We were saddened to see Matthew leave, as were most people I know who knew him. We wish him the best on his future projects and hope we can stay in touch as he continues his great woodworking journey.
Matthew Teague chats with Charles Brock at Woodworking in America.
I late December, +Megan Fitzpatrick was named as the new Editor at Popular Woodworking Magazine. Megan is also a great friend of the Modern Woodworkers Association (and a great editor). To Megan, we wish the sincerest congratulations on a well deserved promotion.
Megan Fitzpatrick & prior MWA Podcast Guest Chuck Bender at Woodworking in  America.
To celebrate her new position and discuss her plans for the magazine and her woodworking, we will be having Megan on the MWA Podcast as our guest for episode #22. It will be recorded live at about 9:00 pm Eastern on Wednesday, January 9th, and can we watched live on the MWA Youtube Channel, the #MWALive page on our site or the Modern Woodworkers Association Google+ Page. If you have questions for Megan before or during the show, please comment here or tweet them using the #MWALive hashtag.

Though we've had this interview setup for a bit over a week, we were scooped in interviewing Megan by another good friend, +Kari Hultman, the Village Carpenter. You can read Kari's full interview with Megan here on the Village Carpenter site.
The Village Carpenter is a Modern Woodworker (with great nails too boot)!
We encourage you to check out Kari's interview  as we're using it as a primer for our own, and will try not to duplicate too much. Also, Kari's is a fantastic blog. We recommend that it's always read, even when Megan is not being interviewed.

So, please tune in on Wednesday, January 9th, to see our full interview with Megan Fitzpatrick live. Post any questions you like in the mean time, and if you miss it, be sure to subscribe to our podcast on Buzzsprout or iTunes.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lie-Nielsen is coming to Brooklyn

This weekend the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Events are coming to Brooklyn. They'll be at 3rd Ward (195 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237) on Friday, 1/4, from 10:00 to 6:00 and on Saturday, 1/5, from 10:00 to 5:00.
Tools for Working Wood will be there, and they'll be open.
In addition to their own wonderful wares, Lie-Nielsen will be bring some top notch tool makers to Brooklyn with them. Daed ToolworksM.S. Bickford, Guarino Furniture DesignsNorthwest Woodworking Studio & Tools For Working Wood will be at 3rd Ward too. In fact, rumor has it +Matthew Kenney (of +Fine Woodworking) will be there too.
What a pretty view in Brooklyn.
I'm going to try to make it on Friday afternoon, but don't wait for me. Check out the show (and say hi to Matt).

3rd Ward

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