Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bill's Purpleheart Plane

Below is a post that one of our Atlanta members Bill Akins posted to Lumber Jocks.  This was Bills first shop made hand plane and it turned out great, I am honored to post it on here and Bill should be proud.  

As part of being a member of MWA I want each person to be able to share your own woodworking and projects.  This is just as much about the online friendships as it is at group meetings.  So if you have something you would like to share just send me an e-mail and I will be glad to post it.  

This is my first home made hand plane. A couple of weeks ago our group of Georgia woodworkers met for breakfast and then went over to Woodcraft. Chris Adkins of brought his set of planes that he had made. I was so impressed I bought a block of purpleheart and a Hock 1 1/2” blade and chipbreaker set. Using some plans from the internet I made this plane. It is 11 3/4” long by 2 3/8” wide. This is the first time I have worked with purpleheart and Hock blades. After sanding to 400 grit, I finished the plane with a very generous coat of BLO. After letting that soak in awhile I wiped it down and then used EEE polish followed by 2 coats of Renaisance wax. Other than scorching the end grain a bit I am pleased with the finish. I am going to have to get use to wooden planes but I think it has a permanent home in my shop. I hope to make jointer and block planes to go with it.
Also our little group decided to set regular dates to get together, coverse about wood working and general fellowship. 

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  1. For a first hand made wood plane Bill pulled out all the stops. It's beautiful. Well done, Bill.