Monday, December 5, 2011

MWA Meeting 1 Seattle

This last Saturday was the first meeting of the Seattle Chapter of The Modern Woodworkers Association. This first get together was only myself (Mike Lingenfelter) and Marilyn Guthrie.

We made a trip to Edensaw Woods, one of the better hardwood dealers in the area. For us it includes a ferry ride but it's always worth the trip. Although, this time it was a little bit of a bust for me. I had been emailing Edensaw for awhile, looking for some Douglas Fir I wanted for a new workbench. After getting there I found out they didn’t have any in stock, even though the guy I talked to said they did!

It wasn’t a total bust, because I still needed some Beech for a project I’m working on, and Marilyn needed some Maple for a workbench she's working on. It was a smaller load than I planned but any wood in the truck is a good thing.

On the way home I decided to stop into Dunn Lumber, a local commercial lumber yard. I was pleased to find some large Douglas Fir timbers, for a really good price. Now I have the lumber for the new bench!

This first meeting for the Seattle Chapter was only the 2 of us, but we have received interest from other woodworkers in the area! I’m sure December is going to be busy for most people, so I will put together a January 2012 meeting, for everyone who has expressed interest. If there are other woodworkers in the Seattle area, who are interested in joining us, my contact information is on our Contact Us page.


  1. I wish y'all lived on the east side. I love my dealer in Walla Walla.

  2. I'm glad you guys met up out there. We have been having a great time here in Atlanta.
    Bill Akins

  3. Yes! A fun time was had by all. And, as Chris Adkins says .. " the woodworkers will....well come out of the woodworks!".

    So many bad puns, so little time. :o)

  4. I'm glad you two had a nice meeting. I'm happy to say it looks like an actual Long Island chapter with members and everything is coalescing and hopefully we'll meet just after the holidays too.

  5. Love seeing our group take off all over! And thank you all for being a part of this. I do like that saying Marilyn! And I can tell you it is true, I am constantly amazed at the support that we all get from the community and woodworkers wanting to be involved.

    Dyami, can't wait to hear about your first meeting and hope things work out in Feb for me to see you guys up there.

  6. I live in the Seattle area. Well I live in Port Orchard so kinda Seattle area. I might be interested in joining in on meeting #2 and getting to know more woodworkers. I don't know many near me. How would I go about getting on the list to find out when you do the next meeting.

  7. Jesse,
    If he hasn't contacted you already, email Mike at the email address on the Contact Us page. He's the lead of the Seattle chapter and he'll fill you in.

    Welcome to the Modern Woodworker's Association.