Friday, April 6, 2012

Where Will You Be For WIA 2012?

So registration for Woodworking in 2012 has opened up. As you all probably know by now, the event has been split and will be held in Pasadena, CA on October 12-14 and in Covington, KY on November 2-4.

No matter which WIA you attend, you'd be remiss if you didn't dance on the table.

We previously asked our readers and members to answer poll questions regarding which event they were attending. The short answer to those polls is that slightly more folk said Pasadena.

Now, I'm asking you not to vote on a poll about where you plan to go, but to declare which event you did register for in the comments below and let everyone know.

Besides the comments (which we would like you to post in) please also check out Aaron's great Woodworking Conference Buddy Tracker here. Apparently he was thinking of greater things in that lecture.

Not that WIA is all fun and games. You will learn something.

I'll begin by saying that I'm going to return to Covington. The reason is simple: time & money. Covington is a cheaper location for me to travel to. No matter which venue I attend, I have to arrive on Thursday and leave on Sunday, so the added appeal of the local sites in Pasadena is unfortunately lost on me. I'll be at WIA the whole time.

To those of you attending Covington, I can't wait to see you. We'll have a blast.

To those of you attending Pasadena, have fun. I hope it's a great trip.

Now please, let us know, which WIA will we find you at?


Edit: You can also let people know which venue you'll be attending by using Aaron Marshall's 2012 Woodworking Conference Buddy Tacker. You can learn more about Aaron, an Atlanta MWA Chapter member at his great blog, Garage Shop.


  1. First, in terms of full price, I'm not sure I'm gaining on attending one over the other. I have to check my records, but I think I'm paying more for lodging out west.

    I'm attending WIACA. I'm excited about the speaker line up and hoping to stay a bit afterward and visit some places like the Maloof compound. Still lots of planning to do.

  2. I just registered for WIA Pasadena. My wife and I are making it more of a vacation. We plan to go down early and hit Disneyland & Universal Studios, and other attractions. My wife also has a brother who lives in that are, that we haven't seen in awhile.


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  4. I'm still up in the air, and will likely go with the crowd on this one. Both are a plane flight and a hotel. I did mention the options to my wife and she basically said "It's about time. Cincinnati sounds boring!"

    Edit: By the way, thanks for showing my picture with my mouth agape. I'm sure Adam Cherubini was doing something amazing at the time.

    1. Also thanks for posting the picture of me as well sitting next to Aaron!


  5. I wound up going with Pasadena. David Marks, Jim Ipekjian, and the Gamble House tour tipped it in that direction.

    In case this helps, I compiled a list of the sessions that are only at one or the other of the WIA locations:

    1. Thanks for compiling the list of separate sessions, Wilbur.

  6. I will be at Pasadena. Having never been to one before, the anticipation level is high. May have to get a room though. One way trip is appx 70 miles.

    Curt Putnam

  7. I'll be in Cincy again. Staying an extra day to tour the Pleasant Hill Shaker Village.

  8. I'll be at Cincy, since I'm in school I can't afford the time away or the extra money, maybe next year if they repeat the same split conferences.

  9. I just registered for Cincy. This will be my first WIA. I can't wait!

  10. I'll be at Pasadena for WIA, the Gamble House, Maloof house, Ghetty Museum, Huntington Library... what else...?