Saturday, August 3, 2013

MWA Podcast Episode 36 - Marc the Wood Whisperer

Show Notes:

  • What’s in the shop?
    • Dyami
      • Assembled the new jointer & hung some shelves, blah, blah, blah
    • Tom
      • Installed a dust collector on my table saw... .

  • Main topic
    • The Wood Whisperer, Marc Spagnuolo
    • So, you’ve written a book, eh?
      • Hybrid Woodworking: It’s Nothing New
      • It’s a book about how Marc works. Not power tools. Not hand tools. Just woodworking.
    • 5 Questions:
      • how did you get into woodworking?
        • Working at night while still in Biotech. Caught the bug.
      • what's your favorite tool?
        • The rasp - it has let him enter the world of curves
      • who has influenced you the most?
        • Tom Iovino David Marks
      • What was your biggest stumbling block & could it have been avoided?
        • . . . good question. There are so many stumbling points.
        • Pick project that you look at and say “I don’t know how that was done.”
      • How has the internet influenced your work?
        • It has broadened his horizons. Allowed him to learn more and experience more woodworking.

  • Questions from the audience
    • Justin Leib ( asks:
      • “Does Mateo show any signs of growing a soul patch soon?”

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  1. Another great show fellas.
    Great having Marc on as a guest and getting his insight on different aspects of the craft which was very enlightening.
    Keep it up boys. You guys rock.

  2. Another great show guys, and thanks for the very kind words. I'm at a work conference and fired up the show here in the hotel. What a treat to get a mention! I'm looking forward to getting home in a couple days and playing the show for Danger Boy!

  3. Thanks for the shout out...I'll get that picture of a double double and a cruller out to you as soon as I can Tom!

  4. That was an awesome interview. I'm so glad to hear Marc being humble about his success and obviously very appreciative as well. He shared some very interesting ideas about the new landscape of internet woodworking blogs and I personally feel he has set the bar pretty high. Thanks MWA for putting on the show.

  5. Why is it that when I click "Download the MP3" hyperlink it opens a new page where a player appears on the screen and is not actually a download?

    1. To download the MP3, right click on the "download the MP3" link and chose "save link as". Sorry for the confusion.