Wednesday, September 25, 2013

MWA Podcast Episode 39 - The French Oak Roubo Project

Show Notes:

What’s in the shop?

Mobile Recording
  • After having the chance to record a full episode at Fine Woodworking Live using equipment borrowed from Fine Woodworking and Marc Spagnuolo, we’ve come to realize that we really need to improve the quality of our mobile recording equipment so that we can bring back full episodes and high quality interviews from future events such as Woodworking in America, the Woodworking Shows and the Furniture Project.
  • While the needed equipment isn’t too expensive, it’s not too cheap either. Since we’ve paid almost every cost associated with the MWA and the production of the podcast out of pocket so far, we’re hoping that our listeners will help out with donations for the recording equipment.
  • If you go to there is a donate button on the upper right side. Please give what you can. We’ll thank you on the air and we’ll make sure that everything we receive goes towards making the show better.
    • Thanks to those who have donated
      • Neal Becker
      • Ian Mackay
      • Vic Hubbard
      • Krishen Kota
      • James Finley
      • Jeffery Morton
      • Jeff Branch
      • Jonathan Szczepanski
      • Rusty Burwell
      • David Picciuto
      • Julien Lecomte
      • Steve Ramsey
      • Bartee Lamar
      • Jay Gargiulo
      • Wilbur Pan
      • Kyle Barton
      • Michael Lingenfelter
      • Jeremy Morgan
      • Tom Buhl
      • Brian Chandley
      • Archie Kinnear
      • Russ Generes
      • Douglas Ward
      • Christopher Bowen
      • Jim Ashley
      • Matt Vanderlist
      • Ian Mackay
      • Brian Chandley
      • Ron Hock
      • Pete Harbin
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Where you they find us
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The French Oak Roubo Project from Benchcrafted on Vimeo.

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