Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The 800 pound Gorilla in the room

Since 2012, we at the Modern Woodworkers Association have sought to connect woodworkers through the establishment of clubs, reaching out through social media and our podcast. Well, we're sorry the podcast hosts haven't been all that good, but the guests we have had on - wow!  Some of the biggest luminaries from the world of woodworking - Jim Heavey, Chuck Bender, Tommy MacDonald, Marc Spagnuolo, Roy Underhill... the list reads like a who's who of woodworking big wigs, and it has been our pleasure to bring the podcasts to you. 

And, over the years, we have also caught the attention of many of you. And, for that, we want to thank you for time and interest. It has been our hope that we can help expand your woodworking horizons, and I think we have succeeded.

Another group of folks we caught the attention of are the team at the Gorilla Glue Company. After listening - and scratching their heads at some of our antics - they approached us to see if we were interested in having them come on board to sponsor the effort.

Well, when a gorilla walks into the room and makes you an offer, you don't refuse it!

So, we would like to formally welcome the Gorilla Glue Company as a proud sponsor of the Modern Woodworkers Association.  

What does this mean for you? Plenty!  In addition to helping us up the quality of our recording equipment, they are also helping us with some prizes for upcoming contests. For instance, this year, the Last Minute Elf project is now being run as part of the Modern Woodworkers Association, and the winners for the different categories we are putting together will receive some sweet prize packs sponsored by Gorilla Glue. 

You can find out more details about the Last Minute Elf in our newest outreach tool - the MWA newsletter. We are going to produce this monthly, helping you keep up to date on what's going on across the MWA and the rest of the woodworking world.

Welcome, Gorilla Glue Company, and hang on for the ride, everyone. This is gonna be fun.


  1. Congratulations fellas.
    And congratulations to Gorilla Glue for making a very wise marketing decision.
    They are smart to realize that you have a large following and they will benefit greatly from sponsoring your show !
    I use their wood glue and I like it a lot.