Saturday, December 19, 2015

MWA Podcast Episode #84 - Tom & Sean & Todd

What’s in the shop?
·       Dyami
o   Gearbox Oil Change (and yes, when talking about his planer, Dyami repeatedly calls it a jointer).
·       Tom
o   1580 posts
·       Sean
o   Cutting down trees
·       Todd
o   Making custom boxes for antique clocks

Blog post that piqued our interest
· - Marc and Scott Johnson, what’s not to love?
·       Dyami’s fast forward videos.

Goings on in the MWA
·       Out with the Tom, in with the Sean

Main topic

·       Todd Clippinger
o   Why Todd is stopping as a contractor
o   Todd’s new shop classes
o   Todd’s method of spray finishing
§  Why Todd uses a pressure pot
§  How Todd leave the fluid in the hoses
o   Todd answers the 5 question.

Next broadcast’s guest
·       Keith Decent

Where you can find us
·       Weekend with Wood 2016
o   May 19th through 22nd
o   Des Moines, Iowa
o   September 16th through 18th
o   Covington, KY

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  1. Just want to say Thank You to Tom for all his contributions.
    He's a great guy, an excellent woodworker, and an all around class act.
    The rest of the show was great as always fellas.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas.

    1. Thanks, Eric. Tom is The Man when it comes to woodworking.