Saturday, January 30, 2016

MWA Podcast Episode #85 - Keith Decent

What's in the shop:
  • Dyami
    • Jason's Bartop Arcade is actually moving foward
  • Sean
    • Family time while off work
    • Star Wars, nothing by Star Wars
  • Keith
    • Co-op Retail Store
    • Vintage Military Cabinet
    • Concrete Bucket Stool

Blog Posts that Piqued our Interest
  • Year End Summary Videos Are Out
  • John Zhu - Ebony Tanto Letter Opener
  • Andrew Klein - New Invention: Fast Travel Twin Screw Vise

Goings on in the MWA

  • Dyami - Summer time is project time
  • Sean - Finish projects and clean the shop
  • Keith - Teach more at the co-op

Main Topic
Keith's Reclaimed Bowling Lane Coffee Table

Where Folk Can Find Us

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