Saturday, April 9, 2016

MWA Episode #92 - Dave Campbell

What’s in the shop?
  • Dyami
    • Thanks to Better Podcasting, John and SP
    • Thanks to Affinity Tool Works
      • Sjobergs Smart Work Station Pro
    • New T-Shirts
    • We built a Bench
    • upload_-1
  • Sean
    • Spring break in Tennessee
    • May be getting some barn beams for a bench
  • Dave
    • Planning Weekend with Wood

Main Topic
      • Classes
        • 10 classes going simultaneously
        • Swag bags
        • Buffet dinner for lunch
        • Door prizes
      • New Events
        • Acme After Hours - Friday evening
        • Ridgid/Roybi Charity Build - Saturday evening
          • Little free library
    • 5 Questions
      • How did you get into woodworking?
        • Dad was a frustrated carpenter. Grew up with woodworking
      • What’s your favorite tool?
        • Grizzly 12” drum sander
      • Who has influenced you the most?  
        • Dad - Don’t build to build.  Build for need.
      • What was your biggest stumbling block & could it have been avoided?
        • Lack of shop organization
        • time
      • How has the internet influenced your work?
        • Availability of woodworking information
          • Podcasts and youtube videos

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Dyami Plotke

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