Saturday, November 12, 2011

MWA Meeting 4 Atlanta

Today we had another great meeting here in Atlanta and with a growing turn-out.  We spent the morning discussing woodworking and just building camaraderie in the group.  Rufus brought in a few of his antique planes for everyone to see (of coarse I forgot to take a picture) and Bill brought his purpleheart plane that I posted a while back.  The plane looked great and I can tell Bill is already getting addicted to plane making!

The great thing about the meetings are the chance for woodworkers of all levels to sit down and discuss what we do.  Woodworkers who have be at this for years can share and debate different techniques for doing things such as our discussions today on sharping.  On the other side new woodworkers can ask questions such as, what is the best way to trim a miter cut for a picture frame, my suggestion was to use a shooting board as they are extremely accurate and the proper length can be crept up on, while later another suggested using a Miter Trimmer which is great especially if you are going to be doing a lot of frames or trim.  The point is we all learn from one another.

By having the online world and offline worlds come together we all stand a better chance of getting to know one another and learn from one another.  After each meeting my excitement is renewed about the possibilities we have as a group and can't wait to start hearing about meetings set up by Dyami, Tom, and Mike, as well as any others around the country that would like to join and take the time together to learn more about woodworkers in their location.

If you are not a member of MWA and would like to join the group just send me an email with you contact info or leave a comment here.  We would love to have you aboard!


  1. Good to see everyone! MWA is a great time for me to get questions answered and spend time with other woodworkers. Yes I am going to be building a shooting board very soon.

  2. Kenny, it was good to see you out again. I like that you feel you can ask questions, that is what we are here help one another. If you have any more questions on putting together a shooting board just let me know I am always glad to help. Here is the link to the article I wrote on the shooting board I just built.

    Look forward to seeing you again next month.