Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wood Expo 2012 - Boston MWA Kickoff - details

Alright folks, I've waited long enough, and I know, the suspense has been killing you.

Here are the details of the First 'official' Boston Chapter MWA meetup on Saturday February 25th, and will be an the first annual meetup at WoodExpo.

The meetup itself will be held informally inside of WoodExpo and starts whenever you wish to arrive on Saturday.  We (MWA) will have a bench around which to congregate, and a room available if we feel the need, but the day will be replete with fantastic woodworkers doing demos, showing their work, including at least 3 of our own, so I'd encourage you to go around an take in as much as you can, chat with as many people as you can and enjoy some presentations by top-notch furnituremakers.  Here is the schedule of events from the Main Bench.  Don't forget to get your tickets online before the show ($9), or they'll be $12 at the door.

When you arrive, I'd start by finding one of at least three MWA- Boston members exhibiting at the event:  Mike Morton, Rob Bois, and Mike McCoy, they'll point you in the right direction for finding the other MWA people.

I'd like to say I'll be hanging out at the MWA bench, but I probably won't. I'll be taking the opportunity to meet, chat with, be inspired by and learn from all of the other talented folk that'll be there.

So, here's the rest of the plan:

Following the exhibitor awards (which begin at 7P) we'll invite MWA folks to join us for dinner and drinks in the neighborhood. (The plan is to go to the Atlantic Beer Garden, next door to the show venue, but depending on the number of people who plan on coming out, we may opt for a short walk down the waterfront to the Barking Crab, which can usually take larger parties more easily.)  If you're planning on joining us just for the after-show meetup, call me directly (Nick, 508-801-5651) around 7:30 on Saturday, and I'll let you know which venue was selected.

I'm excited to kickoff the local chapter and meet everyone at such a great event!
You can contact me with any questions.

See you there,

PS.  Don't forget to buy your MWA shirts!


  1. See you guys there! I'll be exhibiting my QA foot stool, and doing demos all four days for SAPFM with Freddy Roman and Mickey Callahan (and any other SAPFM members who can make it). My exhibition demo topic will be resawing by hand, and my SAPFM demo will be fully hand-made cabriole legs.

  2. Sounds great, Nick. I'm really looking forward to the event & can't wait to see you guys there.