Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MWA Podcast #7: Woodworking FAQ by Spike Carlsen

My fellow MWA Admins and I are serious about the podcast we've started. We're hoping that it provides a relevant listening experience to any interested woodworker. I for one don't feel there are enough woodworking audio podcasts around. We're working to do our part to address that.

I begin a post with an embedded video with a talk about audio because audio is the primary medium we're aiming for with the MWA Podcast. However, given the ease of using Google+ Hangouts on Air, we felt that recording in a Hangout rather than Skype would have two (2) benefits. The first was that if we could see each other, we'd talk over each other less and the second was that having video content available with no extra work from us would be a nice bonus.

So, last week (on Friday rather than Wednesday due to scheduling issues) we recorded episode #7 in a Hangout on Air. For the viewer who happened to be tuned in at the time, you could watch live as we recorded. For everyone else, the video is on our YouTube channel and embedded below.

Unfortunately, the second step, ripping the audio from the video, is proving harder than we thought. We're working on it now and optimistic that we'll have an acceptable recording that we can publish soon. However, as we should have released the Podcast last week, I wanted to at least share the video so that those interested can watch and everyone will know we're serious and working to make this podcast a regularly scheduled event.

Here is the video of MWA Podcast #7: Woodworking FAQ by Spike Carlsen. Once we finish with the audio, we'll post a proper show notes post.

If you have any questions or topics you'd like us to cover in an upcoming podcast, please let us know.


  1. Excellent show guys.
    You guys have ironed out a lot of the earlier problems and it's starting to flow much smoother.
    The book review was great. It's an honest, truthful review from guys who know what the woodworking audience is looking for. The dual brad nail ratings were actually helpful, and saying that it isn't a book you'd keep laying on your bench, but have in "the throne-room" is
    And I loved the "Spike, like Buzz" different first name comparisons.
    Chris, the financially strapped state of Louisiana thanks you for your contribution to their treasury.
    And, don't worry Dyami, Tom will get Penultimate right sooner of
    And lastly, Tome, you have to back up a little and make sure your partner Iggy makes an appearance on camera occasionally.

    Thanks a bunch guys, and I can't wait for the next show.
    So there, it's Tom's mom AND me
    Kissimmee. Florida

    1. Yes! Iggy has got to start making some appearances.. :-)

    2. Eric,
      Thanks for watching and for the thorough review.

      If you ever have a question you'd like answered or a project discussed and reviewed, please let us know. We'll looking to the community to help steer the podcast.