Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Furniture With Soul

At the suggestion of one of our members, we will be having a MWA Boston Chapter Meetup later in June/early July to visit the NAGA Gallery's presentation of Furniture With Soul.

This Friday, June 1st, will be the opening featuring:

Book signing with the author and Furnituremaker David Savage (Cosponsored by Porter Square Books)  
Friday, June 1
5 pm 
Reception with the furnituremakers
Friday, June 1
6 - 8 pm

If you can make it for Friday, let us know in the comments or by email and we'll get an impromptu meetup going with those MWA'ers planning on attending. It should be a great opportunity to get inspiration, and chat with the makers about design, methods, etc.  
If two days is not sufficient notice, fear not, we'll be planning our visit for later in the show. (albeit, without the furnituremakers on hand (that we know of)


  1. I've been reading through Savage's book. It's one of the best books in my library - it provides great images of masterful, inspiring woodwork as well as background and insights of the woodworkers. I wish that I could attend.


  2. I've follows David's work for a few years... tremendous work. I read the book cover to cover when it was published last year -- it's not a book about technique, but if you're looking for inspiration, it's fantastic.

  3. I can't make the June 1 reception but if we organized a visit later in June or July I would love to attend. I need some good design inspiration these days ;)

  4. I can't make the 1st either, so there'll definitely do later in June/July. For those who want to go meet the makers, June 1 is your day, for everyone else we'll announce the date later. I assume weekends/nights are best for everyone?

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