Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Editor is Dead, Long Live the Editor

Good friend of the +Modern Woodworkers Association+Matthew Teague, announced he was leaving the Editor's desk at Popular Woodworking Magazine on December 18, 2012.  We were saddened to see Matthew leave, as were most people I know who knew him. We wish him the best on his future projects and hope we can stay in touch as he continues his great woodworking journey.
Matthew Teague chats with Charles Brock at Woodworking in America.
I late December, +Megan Fitzpatrick was named as the new Editor at Popular Woodworking Magazine. Megan is also a great friend of the Modern Woodworkers Association (and a great editor). To Megan, we wish the sincerest congratulations on a well deserved promotion.
Megan Fitzpatrick & prior MWA Podcast Guest Chuck Bender at Woodworking in  America.
To celebrate her new position and discuss her plans for the magazine and her woodworking, we will be having Megan on the MWA Podcast as our guest for episode #22. It will be recorded live at about 9:00 pm Eastern on Wednesday, January 9th, and can we watched live on the MWA Youtube Channel, the #MWALive page on our site or the Modern Woodworkers Association Google+ Page. If you have questions for Megan before or during the show, please comment here or tweet them using the #MWALive hashtag.

Though we've had this interview setup for a bit over a week, we were scooped in interviewing Megan by another good friend, +Kari Hultman, the Village Carpenter. You can read Kari's full interview with Megan here on the Village Carpenter site.
The Village Carpenter is a Modern Woodworker (with great nails too boot)!
We encourage you to check out Kari's interview  as we're using it as a primer for our own, and will try not to duplicate too much. Also, Kari's is a fantastic blog. We recommend that it's always read, even when Megan is not being interviewed.

So, please tune in on Wednesday, January 9th, to see our full interview with Megan Fitzpatrick live. Post any questions you like in the mean time, and if you miss it, be sure to subscribe to our podcast on Buzzsprout or iTunes.

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