Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gary's Going Back To Brooklyn

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Gary Rogowski of the Northwest Woodworking Studio at a Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event.

Gary's coming back to Brooklyn and he asked us to share the lecture info. Since he was great to talk with at the Lie-Nielsen show, I suspect his lecture will be great too.
Here are his details on the event: 
Rough to Finished: Lectures with Gary Rogowski at Makeville Studio, 119 8th St, Unit 208, Brooklyn, New York.  Saturday, January 26th from 10AM to 4PM.  
Makeville Studio presents a day of lectures with Gary Rogowski of The Northwest Woodworking Studio, A School for Woodworkers in Portland, Oregon and Roger Benton and David Alexander Yepez of the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event staff.  
Come to Makeville to hear 3 lectures on sharpening, hand planes, and finishing. These lectures will give you practical information for sharpening and tuning your hand planes to prep wood. Given by David Yepez and Roger Benton, on the staff for Lie-Nielsen’s Hand Tool Events, these guys travel the East Coast helping dozens of Lie-Nielsen customers better understand the mysteries of sharpening, hand plane choices, and hand plane use. 
In the afternoon, noted author, designer and maker, Gary Rogowski of The Northwest Woodworking Studio, will give his great lecture on hand applied finishes: 3 Simple Finishes.  
Please join us for a Saturday of great information, good fun, and the joys of learning and sharing knowledge. It’s sure to be great fun and you’ll learn a ton of useful stuff.  
SPECIAL OFFER: Bring your card scraper in for a free sharpening. No charge, no baloney, just a sharpened card scraper that will work! 
$100 for 3 Simple Finishes Lecture only$160 for all 3 lectures$175 for all 3 lectures and a catered lunch
More info on the event can be found at here.

If you're around Brooklyn on January 26th, have fun and say hello to Gary for us.


  1. A great way to spend the day! Gary came to Albuquerque a few years back when I was living down there. He gave a lecture/discussion on design on a Friday night and then a full day techniques demo/discussion on Saturday. Excellent teacher and a very cool guy to just hang out and talk with.

    1. Very glad to hear, Pete. I had the chance to go out with Gary after the Lie-Nielsen event in Brooklyn a few weeks ago, and he is a very cool guy.