Wednesday, July 24, 2013

MWA Podcast Episode 35 - Bob Lang of Popular Woodworking

Show Notes:

  • Goings on in the MWA
    • Going to FWW Live
    • Going to WIA
    • No definite MWA plans yet, but there will be

  • Main topic
      • Sketchup allows users draw the way they woodwork
      • The 21st Century Bench has proven useful, because it’s designed to accommodate the way Bob works. Bench’s should always accommodate they way you work, not just make you a cool kid.
        • has a collection of arts and crafts furniture articles from Popular Woodworking with expanded text and bigger photos.
        • Now, with no printing errors
      • Hunter’s Computer Desk
        • Wiggles a bit, but has held up very well for college
      • Rasps
        • Bob has learned that the price point for hand cut rasps though high is worth it.
      • 5 Questions
        • how did you get into woodworking?
          • building speak cabinets for bands & fixing wooden boats
        • what's your favorite tool?
        • who has influenced you the most?
        • What was your biggest stumbling block & could it have been avoided?
          • overanalyze
          • At about 30, Bob figured out that it just wasn’t too hard. It just required that you get to work and do it.
        • How has the internet influenced your work?
          • Helped him get his gig at Popular Woodworking
          • Has tons of good stuff, which should rise to the top, but there is tons of bad info too.
          • Has allowed him to run his business in plans

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  1. Hey Chris,
    I have built a couple of guitars,and I have a suggestion. Buy the neck, build the body. If I had the time, I might try building a neck, but there is a lot of work involved and the part most people look at is the body. You can have a lot of fun building the body and get really creative. I am not a guitar player, so for the first couple of guitars, it was better for me, to focus on what was needed and where it went. I walk through how I made my second one on my blog.

    Also, is a great place to get your hardware as well.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions Lawrence, good advice. The only problem is that I can't help buy punish myself and take on a challenge! :)

    Beautiful Stratocaster by the way. Any plans to build another?