Tuesday, July 30, 2013


We'd like to thank the fellas over at the Woodtalk Show for helping us spread the word about the Build-Off at Fine Woodworking Live.

Think this idiots can build something?

+Marc Spagnuolo+Matt Vanderlist and +Shannon Rogers helped spread the word on last week's Woodtalk Show. For that and for all the support they show us and the online community in general we owe them a big thanks. With their help the +Modern Woodworkers Association will dominate the Build-Off.

On Friday, 8/9 after the seminars are over and savings have been blown in the marketplace the brave attendees of Fine Woodworking Live will gather for the Live Build Off.
Teams will get a drill/driver, jigsaw, screws, bits, a measuring tape and a mission: to design and build a piece of furniture in 1-1/2 hours or so. We won’t announce the exact type of furniture until the night of the event. Winners will take home their tools, a feature on FineWoodworking.com, and bragging rights for a full calendar year! Sponsored by Bosch.
We're planing to assemble as many four (4) person teams as we can. We'd like to show the attendees that online woodworkers can do more in the evening than just close the bar.

We'll need your help to defeat this opposition.

If you'll be around Fine Woodworking Live on Friday night, please sign up and join our teams. We'll be building a surprise project together in under two hours. Can you think of a better way to spend a Saturday night?

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