Monday, January 13, 2014

MWA Podcast Episode 43 - Building Blocks of SketchUp

Main topic
  • Bob Lang’s Building Blocks of Sketchup
Bob’s new book is a pdf with embedded video. It’s about general sketchup use rather than specific woodworking. However the format of having it on your computer with embedded video allow you to put Building Blocks of SketchUp on one side of the screen and SketchUp on the other. Used this way Bob’s book is a great reference for anyone using sketchup.
Building Blocks of Sketchup can be found on Bob’s site here.

Next broadcast’s topic

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  1. (Still catching up on episodes. Got behind there for a while.)
    Great show fellas.
    I have tried Skecth Up on a few occasions and with my limited computer skills, have just frustrated myself.
    I am going to see if my library has this book. (They have an awesome PDF catalog) And see if I can learn from it.
    Project pieces designed with pencil & paper work fine for me, but this old dog is always willing to learn new tricks.
    Thanks again guys.and keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks, Eric. I hope your library has it.