Thursday, February 27, 2014

MWA Podcast Episode 48 - We Found the Shop!

Show Notes:

MWA Podcast Episode #48
February 26, 2014
We Got Here . . . Somehow

What’s in the shop?

  • Chris
    • Plays with old timey steel
  • Dyami
    • Lill’s Quilt Rack
  • Tom
    • Just need to build the tops of the front entertainment units
    • Had to build some pocket screw samples for last night’s guild meeting
    • Excellent discussion  about getting new woodworkers into the shop at the SPWG meeting

Blog post that piqued our interest

Goings on in the MWA

Main topic

Next broadcast’s topic

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  1. Another great episode fellas. I just got around to listening to it and really enjoyed it.
    You mentioned a lot of things I have been concerned with lately.
    Preserving and spreading the knowledge about woodworking; using social media to create more interest and so on.
    (something I just asked Tom about.haha)
    I'm not a tech guy but see the benefit in video taping some of our older guys at my guild ( doing their presentations before they are too old. This could be released to help newer/younger woodworkers.
    I'll be 59 next month and I'm one of our younger guys.
    Thank you for all the information you provide and I'll keep listening as long as you keep recording.
    All the best.

    1. Thanks, Eric. Please do record your guild if you can. When you post it we're happy to spread the word.

  2. Nice show guys. I second the recordings for the local guilds but I have to add that I highly recommend some self editing in the process. Every guild video I have ever seen has been interminably long and often really boring with small segments of action. Try breaking a meeting up into smaller videos. If nothing else and youth is what you want to attract, format your videos (and host them) using YouTube as a model.

    Then to Dyami's point about mobile bases, I will never understand why manufacturers make the mobile base inline with the tables of a machine. Like Dyami I want a machine to slide up against a wall and it should slide right out rather than having to shimmy it out as the tables bump into the wall. It makes you wonder whether buying a machine with a built in mobile base is even worth it. If a similar one without the base is available maybe going that route and adding your own is smarter or more economical.

  3. Thanks, Shannon. I agree that most factory mobile bases are a pain. Yet I can't full abandon them due to the cost of the custom base I'm having made and the fact that the factory mobile base in my Steel City Bandsaw is awesome.