Wednesday, April 30, 2014

MWA Podcast Episode 52 - Gail O'Rourke

Show Notes:

  • What’s in the shop?
    • Chris
Stess gets a workout

Chris likes to pamper dogs

    • Dyami
      • Getting to work on the clock
      • Only 1 band saw
      • making room

    • Gail
      • Her son’s boat
This isn’t it. This is a typical Cape Cod Frosty.

    • Tom
      • Len’s Plaque

  • Blog post that piqued our interest

  • Goings on in the MWA
    • Woodworker’s Safety Day comes to the MWA on May 17th.
    • Please create any type of safety content you can and share it

  • Main topic
      • Black Paint should be one of your first 3 tools.
      • Type of work
        • designs, sells and manages installing custom cabinets
      • TV Pilot
      • Gail’s Adirondack chairs
      • 5 Questions
        • How did you get into woodworking?
          • Began by building around the house and fell in love.
        • What’s your favorite tool?
          • Bandsaw: a Grizzly from before the steel price increase.
        • Who has influenced you the most?
          • Tom. What a deficit
          • The community she met when she began.
        • What was your biggest stumbling block and could it have been avoided?
          • Not knowing what I didn’t know.
            • Had no fear. Would sell anything.
        • How has the internet influenced your work?
          • She just told Tom.
          • Over the last 50 years, people’s hands on skills have shrunken.
      • Gail’s Videos

  • Next broadcast’s topic
    • Safety? Don’t be stupid.

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  1. Is there a woodworking safety day "badge" available to use on our sites?

  2. Chris, I like where your head's at with the elevated dog bowls, but as a woodworker don't you think it should have dovetails or something? Just kidding, but that's where I went with it. Probably over the top. Check it out on my blog:

    1. That's a nice elevated dog bowl tray, Adam.

    2. Thanks Dyami. That's funny, I was just checking out your quilt rack - awesome by the way - and adding you on Twitter.