Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tablet Holder

Working from my desk I find that I have really started to rely on not just my computer but also my tablet and smart phone. I use the to quickly look things up or display notes that I am referencing. The issue I have always had is how to display them without just propping them up. With this in mind I started researching tablet holders and found some wonderful examples of everything from a space in a standard desk organizer to a slot in a rustic live edge board. 

In designing mine I decided to use an old piece of Locust that I've had for years and love the look of it just barely cleaned up. I wanted to keep the construction fairly simple to allow the wood to be the main focus. There are two slots, one for the tablet and another for my phone. I experimented on the width of the groove and depth to work best with my tablet and phone. I wanted them to be at about the same angle while in the holder. I roughed the grooves out with a drill and cleaned the rest of with a chisel and router plane. I wanted the bottom of the groove to by black so I tinted Gorilla Glue epoxy black, it worked great and looked exactly like I hoped. 

To give the holder a little more interest and purpose I added two slotted brackets morticed in to hold a couple of pens. The brackets and legs on the bottom are both made of Wenge. The great thing about this project is that you can personalize it to whatever you like. It was fun and will serve me well. 

I used Gorilla Glue wood glue and epoxy in this project and want to thank them as our sponsor. Be sure and check out there great line of products. 

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