Friday, February 6, 2015

MWA Podcast Episode 68 - Andy Brownell and Gorilla Glue

Show Notes:

Hello, everyone and welcome to this - the 68th edition of the Modern Woodworkers Association online discussion about all things woodworking. Today’s special guest is Andy Brownell. Before we get to him, let me introduce our usual panel. I'm Tom Iovino of Tom's Workbench dot com, and I'll be your host for this program.

This episode of the Modern Woodworkers Association podcast is sponsored by The Gorilla Glue Company - for the toughest jobs on planet earth.

What’s in the shop?

  • Spatula City

  • Tracks
  • Cars
  • Tom
    • Washing his bed with water
    • Hope chest #3
  • Andy
    • Bubinga Desk
    • Popular Woodworking
      • Upcoming articles in 2015

Goings on in the MWA

Main topic
    • Gorilla Glue
      • Overview of the products
      • FAQ
    • Brownell Furniture
    • Explain how you got into woodworking
    • At Woodworking in America 2012 you told us that you us that you wanted to get away from rectilinear furniture and get into curves. From your bubinga desk to you Esherick stool to your current Castle table you’re getting curvy. How’s it going? Is it as hard and as intimidating as you though?

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  1. Hello, just finished listning to this episode, you mentioned a woodworker "Marco - Small firniture" but could not find any link in the show notes. Love the podcast.

    1. Thanks. I'm sorry to say I don't know Marco's website. Tom do you know?