Sunday, February 8, 2015

MWA Podcast Episode 69 - Scott "Shuttle Man" Phillips

Show Notes:

What’s in the shop?
  • Chris
    • Hoping for a hope chest
    • The Kuksa Cup
  • Dyami
    • The Track
  • The Cars
    • The stuck door
  • Tom
    • The Bronchitis

Blog post that piqued our interest

Goings on in the MWA

Main topic
  • While working, Scott was making 15 to 20 models a year. This year, in retirements he wrote a book and made 16. Making a tribute takes 55 hours. Scott has two on the bench at a time in order to be more productive.
  • How many shuttles have you made? - 450+
  • What else do you make from wood?
    • Adirondack chairs and other things, but the Shuttle Tributes are Scott’s pasion.
  • Scotts trick for finishing exotic woods
    • Many are oily.
    • Scott will use Crown deglosser in a misting bottle. It will take the oil off the surface for time so that the woods can be glued together. Scott also mists the finised project with the deglosser because it looks like a finished project and lets you see an blemishes before finishing. The deglosser will not raise the grain. It will evaporate and prepare the wood for a Lacquer finish
  • Wood from around the world is used to represent the borderless world seen from space.

Community Conversation
  • I cussed

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