Sunday, May 20, 2012

MWA Meeting 5 Seattle

On May 5 the Seattle Chapter got together.  We met up at The Northwest Woodworkers Gallery.  This gallery features local (Pacific Northwest) builders/designers.  There is quite a diversity of styles to see at the gallery. I recommend any local Seattle area woodworkers stop by and check it out. Currently showing was their “Rising Star Furniture Makers”. Next door to the gallery was Urban Hardwoods.  Urban Hardwoods creates beautiful slab style furniture, from local trees that would have been discarded.

Taking part in this meet-up were:  Ananda, Badger, Glenn, and myself (Mike Lingenfelter).  After browsing the two showrooms, we headed off to Ohana.  Badger recommended it, and it was a cool little Hawaiian place, with a great pulled pork sandwich!

Enjoy the pictures below, from the two showrooms.


  1. Cool looking place Mike. Some beautiful pieces in there.

  2. Where's the picture of the pulled-pork sandwhiches?

    The Northwest Woodworkers Gallery is very nice.