Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MWA Podcast Episode 6 - Asa Christiana


  1. Excellent podcast guys. I've heard Asa speak several times now over the last year and I definitely think he gets it now. One of the issues I have with FWW is that there seems to be a bit of elitism there. When Asa was talking about the credentials of schools and authors I felt it coming though. I believe that Pop Wood has done a much better job of bringing in new talented writers who may not be formally "credentialed". but who do excellent work and have a vast body of experience. In fact, it would seem as though the focus is on opposing points of view regarding talent.
    Asa finished up his comments with something that I agree whole heartedly about - judge the person by what they have made, not what they espouse. It would be nice is FWW would live up to that standard and start bringing in some new fresh writing talent who may not come from the traditional woodworking lineage.

  2. Mark,
    Glad you liked it. We're starting to get into the flow of these podcasts & we wanted to make sure we had a chance to discuss these issues with Asa. I can appreciate how different the online community is from the traditional magazine one, so I'm willing to cut him a little slack in learning how the online community works. Hopefully he takes these lessons to heart and becomes an active community participant.

  3. I am very happy you folks decided to have this conversation and post it. This is a much better way to deal with than some of the other on line comments that have been made.

    1. Thank you, Anonymous. We though it much better to have a constructive conversation than a battle of comments too.