Friday, March 16, 2012

Hopefully you've helped Marc already

I'm embarrassingly late to this post, but for any of you who's shop's wifi was out recently, our good friend and mentor Marc Spagnuolo has been under a DDoS attack recently. As we learned during the Guild chat yesterday, the attack continues.
We're all Modern and we all help.

There are many ways we can help:

First and foremost, join the Guild. Beyond the support it shows Marc, it's a welcoming community of woodworker that you'll be proud to belong to.

Second, and this one's cutting it close, Chris Schwarz and his Lost Art Press are auctioning a copy of "With Hammer in Hand." The auction ends at midnight tonight, so place your bids in the comments of Chris' post and enjoy a classic while supporting our friend.

Finally, learn something cool with a Cyber Class from Andy Chidwick. Andy runs the Chickwick School of Fine Woodworking. I've personally attended one of Andy's lectures and I'll tell you this guy knows his furniture.  To support Marc, Andy is generously donating $20.00 from each Cyber Class fee to help Marc fight the DDoS.

Let's rally round the Wood Whisperer (and any other online woodworking friend attacked in such a manner) and show these DDoS idiots that they've taken on a hole community.


  1. Any way to send Marc $$$ directly?

    1. I think you can donate directly on his site, Allan, but you should follow up with him about that as I'm not sure.

  2. I hear he is taking donations, but I am not sure of the process. I am proud to say I have my Wood Whisperer t-shirt on right now, and it is pretty beefy cotton as t-shirts go.

  3. Chris' post shows a link to donate directly to Marc. I used it last week.