Thursday, March 8, 2012

MWA Podcast #2 - Woodworking Magazines


  1. I haven't had a chance to listen yet, but I can sum up my thoughts in four words: Bring back Woodworking Magazine

    Oh how I miss it.

  2. I echo Mark's comment, except that I can do with out Woodworking Magazine. Publish Woodwork Magazine more than once a year.


  3. Good podcast. (Tom you sound much better in this one than the first) You bring up a lot of interesting topics. Here's my two cents.

    I don't subscribe to any print magazines anymore because I really didn't find anything in the magazines that I couldn't already find online. About the only reason I'll pick up a magazine at the store is if it is a special, like 100 shop storage ideas, or it it has a roundup/review of a tool I'm looking at buying.

    What would get me buying a magazine again:
    1) Use the resources a big company has to do comprehensive reviews more often and devote more space then a paragraph blurb about the pros and cons of each machine. I know they take time, but there are people out there writing better reviews of a tool for free in their spare time, they need to do a better job for the amount of time and money they have to spend. Do more follow ups, long term tests, and comparisons.

    2) Stop splitting up articles. I know they are trying to put more ads in predominant places, but find a better way than continued on page 113.

    3) Continue your articles online for subscribers. There's limited amount of space in a magazine, but the web doesn't have those limitations. So write your tight well edited story for the magazine then put up a link to more detailed stuff online. This would be especially handy in reviews, you can't do a decent review of a machine like a table saw with less than 20 or 30 pictures.

    4) Stop wasting space by trying to cover one or two month old news. I've already heard it in much better detail online.

    Maybe there is a magazine that already does this, if so let me know.

  4. Although I still get the physical Fine Woodworking magazine, my true love was Woodwork magazine under Ross publishing. American Woodworker bought them out and although they have thankfully kept the integrity of the magazine, it is only published once a year.

    What makes a magazine worth buying in physical form is the art inside. I prefer to examine piece in a magazine rather than online. So, I'm still getting FWW because of the beautiful photography of the highlighted pieces.

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Ben. Great feedback.

    Vic, I still enjoy holding a book or magazine in my hands, so I will not be one to leave the physical magazines anytime soon.

  6. I just got done listening to this episode (ok, so I have a slow you guys did a great job.
    I especially liked the part where you were all "King of the World" and described what you would mix for a perfect magazine. Some very insightful thoughts there.
    I hope the mag big shots were listening.
    Thanks guys and keep up the good work.