Friday, March 2, 2012

MWA Meeting 3 Seattle

This last Saturday was the 3rd meet-up of the Seattle Chapter of MWA.  This meeting was a special event, because it coincided with a Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event in Seattle.  The Event was at the Seattle Central Community College - Wood Construction Center.  This has become a yearly event for Lie-Nielsen.  For those of you who missed this Hand Tool Event, Lie-Nielsen has also been coming to the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival the past few years.  The Wooden Boat Festival is September 7 - 9 this year.  Although Lie-Nielsen’s event calendar doesn’t go out that far yet, I’m hoping they will be back this year.

Besides Lie-Nielsen, Blue Spruce Toolworks and Glen-Drake Toolworks were at the event.  I love that Lie-Nielsen has other toolmakers at their events!

After everyone had time to play with some tools and watch a couple demos, we headed out for some lunch.  We ended up at Jones Barbecue.  What could be better than BBQ and Tools!  Lunch was a great time.  Again, I think we could have stayed there a couple more hours talking!

Not shown in the pictures is Ian. Ian did make it to the the Hand Tool Event, but had to head out to a hockey game he was coaching.  I should have checked with Ian to see if they won!

Glenn, Fred, Ananda

Mike, Marilyn, Jim

Other Hand Tool Event news, yours truly won a door-prize at the event! Soon I will be the proud owner of a Lie-Nielsen Small Bronze Spokeshaves! Luck would have it, I don't have one yet.

Our next meet-up will be on March 31.  I’m looking for a place to have breakfast meet-up near Woodcraft in Seattle.  I’ll send out more information when I have that finalized.

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