Friday, December 14, 2012


It’s been a bit more than a year to the day since I stepped into my role with the MWA, and we’ve grown quickly. I’m proud of the achievements we’ve made, and my part in them:  developing networks on all major social media, relationships with sponsors, guests, donors, and publications, organizing events around the country -and more than a 10 in the Boston chapter, pulling together a biweekly video podcast with great guests, streamed and recorded live, and contributing to the woodworking community, and more.  I like to think I’ve added quality and value to all aspects of the organization.

The time has come for me step back from my duties with the MWA and to re-focus my priorities, on my family, growing my business, continued learning, growing my skills, and contributing to some other organizations. Thanks to all who've supported my work, and I wish the team the best in moving it into the future.  

For anyone wishing to stay in touch, you can still find me on twitter @mansfinefurn, on FacebookGoogle+, or just send me an email!

Thanks for the Memories!