Friday, December 14, 2012

Woodworking is a Community

One of the core beliefs here at the Modern Woodworkers Association is that woodworking is a community. We don't care what kind of woodworking you do, what kind of tools you use or what you build. As long as you love working wood, you're our neighbor.
We're all a great big woodworking community.
I mention this in light of Google's new addition to Google+: Communities.
In the MWA Community share your projects, ask questions or just chat woodworking.
I won't go into too much detail here, but Communities are a new way to share on Google+ based around common interests. When you post within a community, all the community's members can see and comment on your post, even if you haven't circled them. While it's not the best place to share birthday greetings to your cat, it's a great place to talk about a shared passion . . . such as, I don't know . . . woodworking.
Who wouldn't want to be in a Community with these galoots?
There is already a great general woodworking community on Google+ started by David Bennett & Tammy Capistrant. There is also the Modern Woodworker's Association Google+ Community. You can join as many communities as you like, so please, join both and share. We want to see what everyone is working on and keep the woodworking community growing.

By the way, to anyone who already joined, please check that you're still in. As we want everyone to join in, we've made a change from the original MWA G+ Community. It's now public. Unfortunately, this meant we had to delete the original private community and start over. So if you were in and we deleted you with the original community, we're sorry. Please sign up again and join in.

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