Friday, December 28, 2012

Jeff's Josh Finn Workbench Update

I'm a sucker for benches. Frankly I can't think of a better reason to showcase a fellow +Modern Woodworkers Association  member.

+Jeff Branch is a member of the Atlanta Chapter. He's been a member of the MWA from the beginning and he's been a contributing member of the overall online woodworking community for much longer. You can catch all of Jeff's posts at He's a big advocate of SketchUp and sell's his well crafted plans on his site and at Sawtooth Ideas.
Jeff's Josh Finn Bench
The bench that Jeff uses and has recently posted about is his Josh Finn inspired bench. It's made of two (2) beams (built as torsion boxes) that rest on specially made saw horses. I could go into the design more here, but you owe it to Jeff to read about it right at the source.

What I find so cool about the bench are two (2) things. First, I'm a sucker for torsion boxes. I think this bench makes great use of them to provide a wide and very usefully variety of clamping scenarios. Second, I think the Roubo's have become a bit too dominant lately. While they are a great bench, so are many other designs. Jeff's definitively non-Roubo bench helps illustrate this point.

Yet, as you'll see by reading Jeff's post, he's currently reading The Workbench Design Book and may be falling under it's design spell.

What do you ladies and gentleman, you woodworkers, use for a bench? Please share.


  1. First, I want to say thanks to Dyami for featuring my bench at the MWA site.

    Dyami is right that the Roubo style bench has become very trendy. The fact that there are so many new and handsome Roubo benches out there, some with a very cool combination of wood species makes the Roubo bench even more desirable. The old world look of the leg vise and how the legs are dovetailed into the work surface and the big, thick legs I see on some - I just got to have something like that.

    But, I will likely not make a Roubo bench when I get around to it. It will definately be old world in look, and have some Roubo features, but I will make it my own desing. I will likely use some modern materials like a melamine top.

    The top of my Finn style bench has stains where I have spilled polyurethane and paint on it. There are other stains. I just can't see spending the money on a beautiful wood work surface and know I'll just mess it up.

    Anyway, thanks again for the mention.


    1. Jeff,
      I'm happy to share it. Also, I'm all for making a personally modified Roubo. That's my plan once I get the shop wall put together.